Fire Protection Consultations in Los Angeles, CA

Do your employees or family members know what to do in the event of a fire? Do you know proper handling and storage expectations for a fire extinguisher? As expert fire safety consultants in Los Angeles, CA, Miller & Isham’s Fire Extinguisher Service and Sales is happy to provide you and the people you care about with the information and training needed to stay safe.


For the purposes of proper training, we’ll send a fire protection consultant in Los Angeles, CA to your home or business, to walk through fire planning scenarios with you. This includes how to locate and use a fire extinguisher, how to properly combat a fire, how to create and execute an emergency escape plan and more. Our goal is to make sure everyone in the building knows what to do and how to stay safe in the event of a fire.

Fire Education

fire on stove

The best way to fight a fire is by preventing it. Through fire prevention education, we’ll help you understand the common causes of fire, how to avoid dangerous fire situations and what you can do to keep your environment safe. We’ll educate you on:

  • Electrical fires and hazards
  • Grease, oil and other flammable liquids
  • Chemical fires
  • Organic matter fires
  • Metal fires

Our comprehensive oversight covers all classes of fire (A-F), including how they start, how to fight them, what can be done to avoid them and what risks they pose.

Protect Yourself

Not all fires are the same. It’s important to understand how to properly assess fires and, if possible, safely resolve them. Miller & Isham’s Fire Extinguisher Service and Sales will equip you and the ones you love with the information and education you need to stay safe and protect yourself. Contact us today at 626-337-6378 for more information about our fire protection consultation services.

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