Fire Extinguisher Inspections in Los Angeles, CA

In an emergency, you don’t want to have to wonder if your safety equipment is working—you need to know it is. Miller & Isham’s Fire Extinguisher Service and Sales will provide you with annual maintenance and fire extinguisher inspections in Los Angeles, CA, to ensure your vital, life-saving equipment is working as it should be.


Wondering if you have the right number of extinguishers, placed in the right locations throughout your facilities? We’ll walk through with you to make sure you’ve got the correct units, placed appropriately throughout the building. We can also help you cover an action plan and even help with training, to make sure everyone is aware of when and how to use an extinguisher properly in the event of a fire.

Extinguisher Tests

extinguisher testing

When’s the last time you used your extinguisher? Hopefully never! But just in case, you should make sure it’s working in the event you need it. We’ll gladly come to your facilities to test your extinguishers and make sure they’re ready to be deployed. And, if there’s a problem, count on us for extinguisher service in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll make sure everything is working properly and that you’ve always got the protection of a fire extinguisher backing you.

Recharging and Annual Maintenance

If you have an extinguisher that has recently been used, make sure you get it recharged. Most extinguisher units can be ‘refilled’ to be used again, instead of thrown out and repurchased! We’ll take care of recharging for you.

Our experts will gladly provide you with annual maintenance services, rolling everything we do into one convenient visit to give you peace of mind throughout the year. Schedule a maintenance call to have your extinguishers checked, recharged, properly positioned and more.

Give us a call today at 626-337-6378 for more information about inspections or any of the services we’re able to offer you when it comes to fire extinguishers.

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